Make a Splash with Splashlights

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As the weather slowly gets warmer, Summer brings an array of festivities and we want to make sure you look your best and ready for that night out with your friends. Splashlight is a contrasting horizontal band of lighter or brighter hair which stretches from ear to ear, across the mid-lengths, creating a “ray of light”, also called a “halo” effect. Splashlight is a great way to show off your spark alongside your bold, fun personality. On top of making you extremely fashionable, Splashlight hair is can be achieved in a very small amount of time by using hair chalk or a colour dye process. This style can be done in a variety of different colours, from neutral tones to bright pinks. The more vibrant the better!
The Splashlight style is getting bigger than ever and is in line to be considered as the next “Ombre”. If you think you’re ready to work this emerging style, Splashlight will surely help you light up the night the next time you party with your friends!