Winter Hair Recsue

Dry indoor heat and cold air outside are the recipe for dry hair. Some signs that your hair may need some winter TLC are that it won’t hold a curl, dries quickly after showering and feels brittle. Dry hair can be caused by both dry air and hot styling tools. If you’re not sure, visit one of our stylists for a diagnosis and recommendations for you.
Here are some of our favourite tricks!

Moisture Recovery Treatments

Moisture Recovery Treatments are an effective and easy way to restore some much-needed moisture to your hair. Selecting the right treatment for your hair texture and type of dryness is key and we are here to help you! Our favourite salon recovery treatments include Intense Repair for Very Dry Hair by L’Oreal, Pro Keratin Treatment by L’Oreal and Purology Hydrate. All of these treatments deliver the moisture punch you need during these dry winter months!

parallels sudbury salon stream pod treatment

Steam Pod Treatment Delivery

This treatment delivery is simply amazing! It uses a steam iron to deliver moisture rich steam right into the hair cuticle. The steam gently opens the cuticle and drives the products deep into the hair fibre, keeping the optimal level of hydration in the fibre. The treatment itself is chosen by the stylist for dry, damaged or very damaged hair.  The treatment choices are a cream and serum that is put in the hair when it is wet.  Hair is then blown dry to 80% then the steam pod seals in the treatment, lasting for 3-5 shampoos.  Retail steam pods are also available.  Make an appointment today to see for yourself! You’ll love the results.

parallels sudbury hair salon steam pod treatment

On-The-Go Treatments

Keeping your hair beautiful on-the-go has never been easier! We carry some great products at Parallels that are perfect for taking with you in your purse or to the gym. Our absolute favourite on-the-go products for moisture are Mythic Oil, and the BRAND NEW Dry Conditioner from Purology. This dry conditioner instantly tames, moisturizes and smooths managing frizz and static throughout the day. It leaves no residue and is perfect for extending your blowout!

parallels sudbury purology dry conditioner
parallels sudbury hair salon loreal professional

At Home

There is also lots you can do right at home to keep dry hair at bay too. Some simple tricks include: don’t leave the house with wet hair (wet hair is particularly vulnerable), always use a heat protectant spray, limit your heat styling (time to embrace the sock bun!), and leave deep treatment masks on for 10-15 minutes to really work their magic.

Book your appointment today to rescue your hair from old man winter!